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You do not have to wear a mask on your driving lesson, but it is now recommended.

DVSA had advised that although you do not have to wear a mask on your driving lessons- the guidelines on this however have recently been amended (since originally writing this blog!)  and it is now strongly advised that you wear a mask, you will have to wear a mask on your driving test. We would therefore suggest that at some point , especially when you are ready for test, that you also get used to driving with the face mask on so it doesn’t feel awkward.

We appreciate each instructor and individual pupil is different and will have different concerns, should you choose to wear a mask you may do and if you would like your instructor to wear the mask you can request this. Our instructors take the safety and well being of pupils very seriously, some pupils may be anxious about coronavirus and wish to wear the mask whereas for others they may feel uncomfortable and not be at ease, so we will be discussing the use of face masks with each individual client and keeping up to date with advice.

We do not recommend the use of face visors as there are concerns about how they would react in a collision or airbag incident. If a candidate arrives wearing one they will be advised of the risks.


Before the driving lesson

Please let us, or your instructor, know if you or they have had any symptoms of the virus within the last 7 days. Also let us know if you have been in contact with someone who has within the last 14 days.

We would like to remind pupils to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, in line with Government guidance, immediately before leaving the house for their lesson. If they want to wear disposable gloves, to put them on just before getting into the car.

Bear in mind we will try to keep the windows down as possible during the lesson to allow for ventilation. You might want to consider to wrap up warm as it might be cooler in the car than usual.

We will arrange to meet by the vehicle not at their front door and apologies but we will not be shaking hands.

Contact us with any other questions or concerns.


Guidance on taking safe driving lessons

Although no official regulations have been laid out yet, lessons will aim to include:

  • Instructors wearing clothing which ideally covers their arms and legs and requesting the same from the pupil (short sleeves are allowed)
  • The windows rolled down at most times
  • Vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned before and after every lesson, paying close attention to ‘touch points.’ Touch points are such as the steering wheel, gears and handbrake, indicators etc.
  •  Instructors will sanitize their hands and car regularly and in between each pupil.
  •  Avoid using the air conditioning if possible, however if it is used don’t set it to recirculate


Do you have any concerns about taking driving lessons? Whether or not to wear a face mask on driving lessons

If you have any concerns or want advice about wearing a mask on driving lessons or unsure if you feel safe, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01253 391941.

We have taken guidelines from  NASP (National Associations Strategic Partnership) and researching various articles. Please feel welcome to contact us if you wish to discuss.

More information can be found on the NASP site – file:///C:/Users/customer1/Downloads/NASP%20Guidelines%20Final%20030720.pdf

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