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So what is it like having driving lessons during the coronavirus situation?


We could write a blog to let you know what we think it is like having driving lessons like during Covid-19 but we thought it would be a good idea to get an insight from the pupil’s point of view as well as the instructor. So we asked Conor and his instructor Sarah for their reviews on having driving lessons now.

Conor was our first pupil to have a driving lesson during coronavirus times; on Saturday 4 July, the first day back  ;


Coronavirus driving lesson review by pupil Conor;


‘I turned 17 whilst lock down was in force which mean’t I couldn’t start my driving lessons. I had researched the company I had wanted to book with: they were an independently top rated driving school so I knew everything would be professionally done and it was.
As soon as the go ahead was given, Sarah booked me in for a 2 hour lesson. I was the first lesson Sarah had completed following the lock down restrictions being eased.  I think it is fair to say that we were both nervous as we didn’t know how the lesson would work, however it was completely fine and my first lesson was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
There are some rules in place which protect myself and also Sarah. I always wash my hands prior to getting  into the car, the car has been sanitized in between students and there is an understanding about the instructor not touching the wheel, gears etc. I have now gone onto have more lessons and I feel there is no issue at all with learning to drive during this covid19 pandemic.  The rules and guidelines are in place and they put me at ease. If anyone is nervous about anything I would advise that they speak to their instructor.’


Coronavirus driving lesson review from the driving instructor Sarah;


After nearly 30 years as an approved driving instructor I can honestly say I was nervous! As you can imagine I have plenty of stories I could tell about my job, but nobody has ever been challenged with anything like this before. I had numerous worries and questions myself. Should we both wear a mask? What about gloves? Would the pupil hear okay with the windows down? How would I manage not touching things! I think I was even more apprehensive as the pupil was a beginner and this was his first lesson with me.

I researched as much as I could on the internet, Facebook and DVSA and NASP websites for some insight and ideas, we had very little advice at the time and some of it was conflicting. Using my own judgement as well as taking into account the mutual wishes of the pupil. I felt it would be best to discuss use of masks/gloves etc with each individual pupil.

Prior to the lesson starting it had already been discussed, over the phone, about wearing masks, gloves etc and I reassured him that the car would be sanitised and the window open as much as possible. We both discussed any concerns that we had and I made it clear that if he needed to cancel due to feeling unwell on the day then this was fine too. Also if he had any questions he should ask (no such thing as a silly question). So on the day itself I arrived in plenty of time so that I could re sanitise the car before he got in. I introduced myself to the pupil, checked he had washed his hands and then apologised that we could not shake hands –  this was odd to me as I always feel it helps welcome the pupil.


How did the lesson go?

Fortunately for me Conor was an ideal pupil, he listened well and picked up very quickly. I explained that, as it was best that I didn’t touch the steering wheel, not to worry about certain things. For example if he got a bit too close or touched the kerb etc, (normally I might help out with a touch on the wheel to prevent hitting kerb or to help straighten up or if he caught the full beam when indicating etc).

The lesson went really well, from us both feeling a bit anxious at the start, we both felt very at ease and relaxed by the end. It was a bit drafty with the window being open (drizzly weather too).  I think the adrenaline kept the pupil warm, I made a mental note to myself to bring a cardigan next time (and not to bother straightening my hair!)  All in all it was a very good lesson and we didn’t let coronavirus put us off enjoying our lesson.



Any Concerns about your driving lesson during this coronavirus situation?


Please feel confident to ask us any questions, discuss any concerns. Like Sarah said – there is no such thing as a silly question. Give us a call and ask away on 01253 391941 or message us 

Unsure if you need to wear a mask? read our blog- do-i-have-to-wear-a-mask-on-driving-lessons/

Don’t let coronavirus put you off learning to drive.

For the latest news on booking a driving test in England? See our blog pages

Or check out the gov.uk for the rest of the UK.


Thank you & Congratulations!

Thank you to both Conor and Sarah for their reviews of taking a driving lesson during coronavirus times.

Congratulations on getting through your first lessons and a big well done to Conor who just passed his theory test today, first time. Lets hope it is not too long before we can book a practical test for him.