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 Update; Only critical workers (not Key workers) can apply for an emergency test. 

We can now offer driving lessons for pupils who have an emergency driving test already booked in the North West.

Learndrive is Blackpool based –  if you have an emergency Driving Test booked at Blackpool, Preston or a nearby test centre then we may be able to provide you with Driving lessons before 15/4/20. Please contact us to arrange lessons ONLY if you have an emergency test booked. For more information on how to book an emergency test contact your employer – we cannot book the emergency test for you.

If you’re not eligible for an emergency test, you can still apply for a normal driving course and test with us, to check availability give us a call on 01253 584555

Emergency driving tests for critical workers

Please note that previously other key workers were eligible to apply however this is no longer the case.You can only get an emergency practical driving test if you’re a critical worker in England or Wales and you work for one of the following:

  • the NHS, in health or social care
  • the emergency services
  • a local council

You must also:

  • need to drive as part of your job
  • respond to ‘threats to life’ as part of your job


How to get a test

If you’re eligible and you want a test, talk to your employer. They will need to apply for you.


How much is the emergency driving test?

The test fee is the same price- £62 for a standard car driving test.


What is the emergency driving test like?

The driving test will be marked in the same way as before.There are some changes due to covid 19, for example you will have to wear a face mask (unless you have a good reason not too which you must state at time of booking). You cannot arrive more than 5 minutes early. Your instructor is not allowed to accompany you whilst on the test. Your driving examiner will direct you back to the driving test centre if the mistake you made means you’ve failed. The test will end early.

For full details have a read of our blog;   how the driving test works or read tips on how to prepare.

Have any questions? Give us a call/text 07870 271206 or send us an email