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Welcome to this latest blog where we will be filling you in on the latest updates from us and the DVSA about learning to drive after Covid 19.

Learning to drive now.

As the DVSA point out in their blog on rising to the Challenge –

We have all endured so much during the pandemic. We have lost loved ones, we have put our lives on hold, we have changed the way we live for the safety of others.

As part of this, routine driving lessons and tests had to be suspended for months. Now that restrictions have eased, we know thousands of learners are still desperate to get on the road to help them access employment, education, healthcare and their social life. It is DVSA’s priority to help everyone through a lifetime of safe driving. A recent survey has shown that there is a huge demand for driving lessons, with 8 out of 10 of driving instructors currently have a waiting list.

We are still taking on new pupils.

Obviously there is still a backlog from Covid but we are still taking on new pupils. In some parts of the country there is a very long waiting time for tests, gone are the days when we could get a test as quickly as next week (although it does still happen sometimes) but we now feel that with the increase of more examiners being recruited and the possibility of more tests each day that the backlog is becoming lighter. If you are interested in learning to drive with us, give us a call to discuss our courses, dates and lets see if we can help with getting you on the road.

Having more lessons…

The majority of pupils that started to learn to drive before Covid will have been interrupted in their lessons, they may have needed to retake their Theory test again, many have been able to get practice in with friends or family. There has been a lot of hardship and disruption. Fortunately I believe we are now getting through this and I am so glad that we are now up and running and back to teaching again.

We advise pupils, especially on the intensive courses, to ensure they book a sufficient amount of lessons in order to become a confident driver and hopefully pass first time. We appreciate learning to drive is expensive but it is imperative to ensure you book enough lessons in order to become a safe and confident driver for life, remember your lessons are a lifetime investment!

Wishing you all a safe and happy journey with your learning to drive.