Are intensive courses cheaper than hourly lessons?

Intensive course cheaper than hourly lessons?

Paying for your tuition on a lesson by lesson basis could cost a small fortune. Taking into account a usual 10 minute recap at the start of each lesson and just when you might be getting into it the hour lesson is approaching the end. You may have only driven about 40 minutes before you’re starting on the debrief and then waiting another week for the next lesson.

An intensive course would mean less time wasted and be more cost effective at the same time improving your confidence and getting you up to test standard quicker.

Look out for any discounts

Often it’s worth checking if any discounts are available, especially at quieter times of the year. Even if no discounts are showing on the website there is no harm in asking. Often companies are happy to discount if you recommend a friend too.

Consider a 0% card

As most courses can be paid by card it might be worth paying this way and then you will have time to pay it back over several months. Don’t consider this if you don’t think you will be able to pay it off though as substantial interest could be incurred. Better still ask bank of Mum/dad! You can be their free taxi service after.

Pass first time!

Ok so you are eager to pass but remember this is a skill for life and extra time spent on lessons will give you better chance of passing first time and being a confident driver once you pass. Although at Learndrive we offer free tuition on our unique 4,5 and 7 day courses if you do not pass, there is still the extra cost of the test fee to pay out.