VICTORIA  reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star – April 2018
Well I’ve just completed a 7 day course and I want to leave my feedback. Before I came to Blackpool for my driving course, I was an extremely nervous and anxious driver. I’d had lessons with local instructors but nothing could seem to keep my nerves and anxiety at bay. The lack of routine and the short lessons made my anxiety worse. When I came to learn drive I stayed at the hazeldean hotel and WOW! The moment I walked in they made me feel at home. I suffer with ceoliac disease and they couldn’t have been more helpfull, catering to my needs. Then I met my instructor DARREN- what a character – he was the most laid back and relaxed yet thurrer “driving coach” that I’ve ever had or met. He was absolutely spot on and just seemed to know how to carm me down when I got flustered (esp at the start of the week-roundabouts-hey DARREN?!) Today was my final day and unfortunately I didn’t pass, but that’s not down the the lack of support or training, just a fault during a panic, probably due to having a new face in the car. But over all I highly recommend learn drive, I’ve met some amazing people during my stay all doing the learn drive course (also staying at the hotel) and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect stay, I’ll pass my test eventually , but I can honestly say that this was an experience well worth the money and even without a pass, I’m so happy I made the choice to come away and enjoy this learning experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 
SAMMIE  reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star-April 2018
Thanks to Learndrive and my instructor Steve you did an amazing job. I am so happy with my result cannot recommend enough 
STUART  reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star – April 2018
From start to finish a great week. Darren made me feel so at ease behind the wheel I enjoyed every minute. Linda and Albert at the Hazeldene were so welcoming I’ll definitely be back. Even though I unfortunately failed the test I can’t recommend Learndrive enough. Hopefully see you again soon if I can get time off work for my retest.              
                                                                                                                                                                                             HANNAH commented on  Learndrive Ltd –  – April 2018
-Thank you very much, Darren was amazing and patience Darren highly praised  Hannah  as she started Saturday morning on her seven day course as a total beginner and as cool as anything came back with just five driving faults , great achievement ! What she has learnt in one week would take eight or nine months to get up to test standard . So as you can see it is possible so give us a call and do what hannah has done
LUCY reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star- March 2018 
Did the 30 hour course, Dave was amazing and calm! Passed first time today. Everything is so well organised     
JODIE  reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star- March 2018
I booked a two day ten hour course , I had Sarah as my instructor, she was fantastic , straight forward approach I was over the moon I passed .. I can’t thank learn drive enough for such a great experience               
LIAM  reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star- March 2018
Did 15 hours with Darren after little driving experience beforehand and passed first time today, would highly recommend Darren, great instructor.          
ROBYN  reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star- March 2018
My best friend passed with learndrive and she recommended them to me, I’m really glad she did as I passed first time with only a few minor faults and I now feel confident driving my own car.  
CARLY reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star- February 2018
Thank you very much to everyone from Learndrive for making the process so simple and affordable, and a very special thank you to Steve who took a very nervous and pessimistic driver and within 30 hours had me pass my test on my first try. He was very knowledgeable and patient as well as good company, a requirement I think when sat side by side all day. I honestly couldn’t have had a better experience and will be recommending Learndrive to everyone learning. Thanks again!        
CHARLOTTE reviewed Learndrive Ltd – 5 star- February 2018
I can not recommend learn drive more. I passed with Darren who was a patient and knowledgeable instructor. If I had to do it all again, I would chose learndrive in a heartbeat. Thank you Darren, for everything you have done, I know I couldn’t have kept my cool without you!                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         LEE from Cornwall;

I have just passed my test with learndrive and I simply cannot praise this company enough. My instructor was Sarah who was faultless, she was direct and no nonsense when necessary but built my confidence massively ready for the dreaded test. I am 44 years old and have had hundreds of lessons and several failed tests over the years. I did the 10 hr course and have never felt better prepared for anything. Thank you Sarah. I stayed at the Hazeldene hotel and Linda and Albert are two of the warmest friendliest people I have met in a long time. The food was excellent the rooms were comfortable and warm, what more do you need. If you are considering an intensive course then look no further. Nothing is guaranteed and they don’t pretend it is but I for one can’t fault them.

      RUTH from London; Thanks so much to George I passed first time on Friday. George was amazing from start to finish. He supported and encouraged me the whole week. Very grateful for all his help. Thanks so much

Ruth from London

  REBECCA from Blackpool; I had a great experience with Learndrive back in October. My instructor Sarah was great. Very straight to the point, told me exactly how it is. I put a lot of pressure on myself to pass, due to being pregnant and other reasons I needed to pass this test! I’m not the most positive person but Sarah managed to push through that and helped me pass my test first time! Which I think shocked us both a little! Thank you Sarah for all the effort you put in. I really appreciate it.

Rebecca from Blackpool

  JOSHUA from Liverpool; I’d like to thank Sarah for her expert driving instructor skills which helped me pass my practical test today…..really helpfully on correcting my faults and explaining things in an easy to understand way which in turn helped me pass my test so thanks again Sarah ……Would strongly recommend this company to anyone who’s thinking of doing the test

Joshua from Liverpool

  LAURA ; Absolutely incredible people , Dave my instructor was incredible and passed with him 1st time with just 3 faults!! Highly recommend


SARAH from Chester; I recently passed my driving test with Steve and he was great after many disappointments in the past and finding driving impossible he helped me to gain my confidence back and was very patient with me so I would definitely recommend learn drive and Steve without a doubt  Thank you for all you’re help  100% would recommend  

Sarah from Chester

CASSIDAY from Woverhampton;
I passed first time last week after doing a five day one to one tuition course. My instructor was George and as others have said about their instructors, I can’t praise him enough. I was a little bit worried because I found out that my test would be in Blackburn and I wouldn’t know the roads. As my instructor said, once you’ve learned how to drive, you can drive anywhere and I totally agree. I only got 4 minors which is pretty good as you’re allowed up to 15. As for the ‘budget’ accommodation which learn drive provided for me at the Hazeldene, it was lovely. Home cooked food every night which was beautiful and a great full English breakfast in the morning or cereal if you wish. Thank you learn drive, can’t thank you enough! I’ve recommended this place to everybody, just one minor fault with the course.. Blackpool is freeeeezing
 ZOE from Blackpool;
I did a 7-day course with learndrive last month and was excellent would definitely recommend! Passed first time!! And was over the moon. Had Sarah as my instructor she was very supportive and helped me build my confidence as I was nervous!

Zoe from Blackpool

      JOANNE From Blackpool; Cannot thank or recommend Learndrive Ltd enough. Darren did an amazing job teaching a 50 year old woman (who is always right!) with no previous driving experience how to drive. I took a 7 day course but was very poorly all week so didn’t pass first time (totally down to me and not the course). Then took a 2 day one to cover all the changes made to the test in December and passed!! I’m so pleased. If you are thinking of taking lessons look no further. Also recommend their pass agreement. No quibble when booking the 2 day one. Intensive courses may appear expensive but when broken down and you look at what you learn they are actually more economical so don’t wait 50 years like me get stuck in and get them booked!!! Wish I had done it sooner!!! Thanks Darren.

Joanne From Blackpool

 Marwa Al Tayeb from London;
I passed with Steve. He’s the best would recommend every one
  Kirstie from London; Kirstie says a massive thank you to her instructor for helping her pass.
Passed with

Kirstie from London

      Gemma from Leeds; After 3 attempts at driving tests (in Leeds), I decided intensive was probably the best way to go. When it came round to my test on Thursday, I was the least nervous I’ve ever been!! Dave, my instructor was fab and gave me great feedback everytime I drove. Would highly recommend!!
Passed with

Gemma from Leeds

    DAVE from Millom; Massive thank you to Dave  for helping me pass my test on Friday. Very relaxed and professional driving course. Thanks again Dave #No.1 Instructor!  

Dave from Millom, Cumbria

  ALEX from Leeds; Thanks to learndrive and my instructor George I passed my test today, well worth doing an intensive course and George helped me to build confidence while driving The B&B was nice with lovely food, would recommend an intensive course as you only have to worry about driving as everything else is covered
Passed with

Alex from Leeds

  S.Antonetti from Oxford;
I am very pleased with my experience with Learndrive. I passed thanks to my instructor Darren was very patient and friendly. The owners of the b&b are lovely, the rooms are clean and the food was delicious. I would recommend Learndrive to everyone! Thanks again

S.Antonetti from Oxford

    J. JOHNSON from Skipton; Sarah was a brilliant instructor, I passed first time! The accommodation is very affordable and friendly if you decide to stay in Blackpool  – Would definitely recommend

J. Johnson from Skipton