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Driving Course/Lessons Gift Voucher

Driving Course/Lessons Gift Voucher

Give the gift of freedom. Learning to drive can be costly, consider an intensive driving course to keep the costs down. By giving vouchers towards the cost of learning to drive makes a wonderful gift. We can provide vouchers for any amount, ideally we would suggest a...

You can BOOK Driving Test NOW

You can BOOK Driving Test NOW

  You can BOOK your Driving Test NOW All of our intensive courses are arranged with a driving test at the end.  Due to a back log of tests most areas have a very long wait for a driving test so we recommend you book as soon as possible Give us a call with your...

Passed My Test – after lock down

Passed My Test – after lock down

Pupil Travis passed his test today (after lock down) He shares his experience straight after he passed his test today. Here he tells us of what he thought of his course and test after waiting months for the DVSA to reschedule his test after lock down. We wish him all...

Problems booking DVSA driving test

Well you are not alone if you have had problems booking a driving test - DVSA driving test website crashed as thousands tried to book a driving test. Have you had problems booking a driving test? Learners were being offered a limited number of test slots but with more...

Driving lessons and Driving Test restart July

Driving lessons and Driving Test restart July

Driving Lessons and Driving Tests can restart in July. Great news for so many pupils who have been eager to get back to their driving lessons, the government has announced that driving lessons can resume from July 4th 2020. July 4th - Driving Lessons can restart...

Latest News on Driving Tests

Latest News on Driving Tests

This blog is to keep you up dated with the latest news about the driving test. So the latest news is that you can now book a test. Well you can try. As you can read in our other blog there has been a lot of difficulty in getting a test booked. Fortunately we have a...

Help Reducing Driving Anxiety

Help Reducing Driving Anxiety Are you are suffering from driving anxiety due to an incident, do you need help reducing driving anxiety? Do you struggle to keep calm during your driving tests? Or just anxious about learning to drive? There are some procedures you can...

Secrets of the Driving Test

Secrets of the Driving Test

Secrets of the Driving Test? Well this was actually a program on ITV, it was called the Secrets of the DrivingTest. In fact Learndrive were contacted years ago to be a part of it. In my opinion it was interesting and funny (although I suppose it depends a bit too on...

Over 20 years experience in the Blackpool area.

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"Fantastic company. I passed my test first time with only 3 minors."

- Thomas (Edinburgh)

North West

"The best driving school in the country, well worth the money!"

- Kyle (Liverpool)


"Started Sunday and by Thursday I was driving, passed with just 1 minor!"

- Brad (Leeds)


"Really helpful, I would recommend Learndrive to anyone!"

- Sharon (Coventry)

London & South

"I had Darren who was immense and I passed first time."

- Jack (London)