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Welcome to LearnDrive Intensive Driving Courses with Test Tel. 07870 271206

Want to pass your driving test in days?

Choose an intensive course to suit you.


Intensive courses with Test   

For dates call 07870 271206

  Top rated driving school.

Intensive driving course with practical test. Driving test booked for the last day of course. 

Call now on 07870 271206

Manual & Automatic

Male & Female patient, friendly instructors. 


Welcome to


Intensive Driving Courses with Test

Want to get driving again soon? Want to pass your test in a week or less?

Give us a call or text today on 07870 271206 and we can let you know the next available dates for an intensive driving course with a practical test. 

As an intensive driving school, we understand that time is precious and you may need to pass fast. It does not matter where you are from, we have pupils travel from all over the UK to take a course with us- it usually works out quicker and cheaper than in your own area.  We arrange everything for you and our courses can include accommodation, B&B and test at end of course. 

Choose from our wide range of courses from a short 2,3 or 4 day course for individuals who are nearly test ready, or a 5 or 7 day course for beginners. We can tailor a course for YOU! 

Theory test must be passed before booking. Call 07870 271206

We will take care of everything; leaving you free to focus on the driving and allowing you to access our services from anywhere in the UK.

Are you unsure which course to book?

Find out more and see how LearnDrive can tailor a course just for you by giving us a call.

We recommend giving us a call to discuss your requirements. Surcharge for automatic.

View our intensive courses

2 Day Course

8-10 hours one to one 


From £ 426 with hotel B&B

Suitable for pupils who have recently taken a driving test or are at test standard. Also great for experienced or banned drivers.

4 Day Course

18-20 hours one to one


From £821 with hotel B&B

This course is suitable for pupils who have driven extensively and may need a few days to brush up on their skills.

5 Day Course

25-30 hours one to one


From £1130 with hotel B&B

This course is a great for those with experience. As with all courses we can discuss your requirements and tailor a course to suit you.


7 Day Course

37-42 hours


From £1744 with hotel B&B

Designed for a complete beginner or pupils with limited experience. 37-42 hours of tuition on a one to one basis.

Top Rated Driving School

Over 30 years experience in intensive driving courses

Areas we cover

We have pupils from come to us from Liverpool, Leeds, Midlands, London and all over the UK- for our highly recommended intensive driving courses and a quick test.

Instead of months of hourly lessons or a long waiting time for test in your area call us TODAY and we can sort a course, test and hotel for you if required.  For more information on this please see our Where to Stay page here.

We teach pupil’s according to their ability, and aim to cover various routes to ensure you know exactly what to expect on your test. This means once you pass you will feel safe and confident to drive in any area.


"Fantastic company. I passed my test first time with only 3 minors."

- Thomas (Edinburgh)

North West

"The best driving school in the country, well worth the money!"

- Kyle (Liverpool)


"Started Sunday and by Thursday I was driving, passed with just 1 minor!"

- Brad (Leeds)


"Really helpful, I would recommend Learndrive to anyone!"

- Sharon (Coventry)

London & South

"I had Darren who was immense and I passed first time."

- Jack (London)