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LearnDrive FAQ's

Some of the most common questions about our intensive driving courses

Take a look at our most common questions below, if you still have any questions that may not be listed below then feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help you out!

Can I take my theory test while on a course?

No. Unfortunately you must have passed the theory test before you can book a practical course with us. This is because we cannot book your practical test until your theory has been passed.

What are the two parts to the theory test?

There is a written exam of 50 questions – you need 43 correct to pass. The second part is a hazard awareness test – where you are shown footage as have to react to any hazards that occur, such as a child running onto the road.

If I pass one part and fail the other, do I re sit for both?

If you fail any part of the theory test you fail the test and have to complete the test in full again.

Is there a website with more information?

Yes for more information on tests and news go to the gov website; www.gov.uk

How do I book the test?

You have many choices. We can book your test online (select Booking on the left menu), fill out an application form from any test centre or book online (card only) using the DSA’s website or calling direct on 0300 20 11 22

How long do I have to wait for a theory test?

Every test centre is different. If there is a long wait we would suggest trying other test centres or book something and then go back on to check for any cancellations.

How long is the test valid for?

The test is valid for 2 years. You have that time to pass the practical test and then get a full licence.

I have a different license, am I exempt from the test?

There are certain licences that are exempt. Full motorcycle licence holders are exempt if they obtained the full licence by February 2000 – if after then you will have to take the theory test. Full automatic car licence holders are exempt. If you think you may be exempt please contact the DSA on 0300 200 11 22.

Where is my nearest test centre?

There is a full list of theory test centres on the Gov website. There is a postcode search on their booking system to find the nearest by mile to any postcode entered.

Can I pass my theory after I passed my practical?

No. You must pass your theory test before you can book your practical test

Why are courses better than hourly lessons?

We believe that courses are better for many reasons. What you can learn within 1 week at LearnDrive would take 6 months+ to learn on an hour a week routine. Another reason is that you combine a holiday with learning to drive, taking the stress out of learning to drive in Britains top holiday resort, Blackpool.

Are your instructors qualified?

Unlike other driving schools (such as BSM) we do not use any trainee instructors. Our friendly and patient instructors are highly skilled professionals, fully qualified by the Department of Transport to meet the most stringent requirements. All are on the official register of Approved Driving Instructor (CAR). 

Do you have manual or automatic cars?

We have both manual and automatic cars – all of which are easy to drive and fitted with modern dual control systems. Automatic tuition is £4ph more.

What time will I need to arrive?

Most courses include the night before your course starts (except on the 4 day course). The hotel requests arrival before 8pm in order to avoid disruption to other guests. If your coach / train is late or there is traffic problems, then we may be allowed to accommodate you to arrive at a later time. This must be agreed with the hoteliers before arrival. 

How much does the practical test cost?

The practical test costs £62.00 weekdays (£124.00 extended). This fee is added the course fee. 

How long will it take me to book onto a course?

Waiting time for tests can vary and we do sometimes have cancellations. For booking availability contact us 07870271206 and let us know which course you require and we will be able to tell you what dates are available.

What should I bring?

You must bring a valid signed provisional driving licence (You MUST bring the photocard part of licence). If you have an old style licence you will also need photographic ID. We also recommend that you bring a pair of thin, lightweight shoes for driving and don’t forget your glasses if required. 

Am I guaranteed to pass my driving test after the course?

No sadly we cannot guarantee you will pass your driving test. If is up to you to ensure you book a suitable course, although we can offer advice and naturally the more tuition you book the better chances of being more confident and passing first time. If you do not book a long enough course for your needs then it may be that your instructor does not allow you to use our vehicle for your test. Even when you are at standard you may still make a mistake on your test. 

How long does the practical test take?

The test should last around 40 minutes. This may vary depending on traffic conditions.

Who books the test for me?

We will book your test for the final day of your course.

If I fail, can I take a test the next day?

No, current government legislation means that you are not allowed to sit a test for ten clear working days (Saturday classed as a working day).

Which is the best course for me?

 Every pupil is different, so their needs vary and pupils progress at different rates. We can give estimates and advice, but remember that the course you choose is entirely up to you, it is in your best interest to ensure you book enough hours, we want you to be ready for test and hopefully pass first time, the more hours you book usually means the more confident you will become and higher chance you will have of passing – please note though that we can never guarantee you will pass a test. Please also ensure that you read all of the information on the website including the terms and conditions. Unsure? call us to discuss.

How do I get to Blackpool?

Being situated within one of the UK’s top Tourist locations we have excellent transport facilities, so travel to and from Blackpool is very efficient. If travelling by train Blackpool North station is the main station, however if staying at our hotel we recommend using Blackpool Pleasure Beach station as the L factor Hotel is just across the road – so no need for a taxi.

Can I bring friends or family to stay with me?

Yes you can bring a guest to stay at the hotel, there is an additional cost for this and you must advise us or the hotel direct. Alternatively if preferred you can arrange your own accommodation.

Do I have an en-suite bathroom?

The luxury Village has en-suite but our standard hotel does not.  You can arrange your own accommodation if preferred.

We offer courses for beginners to advanced.

Affordable courses for drivers of all levels, we can also offer accommodation if neccesary.

Over 30 years experience in the Blackpool area.

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"Fantastic company. I passed my test first time with only 3 minors."

- Thomas (Edinburgh)

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"The best driving school in the country, well worth the money!"

- Kyle (Liverpool)


"Started Sunday and by Thursday I was driving, passed with just 1 minor!"

- Brad (Leeds)


"Really helpful, I would recommend Learndrive to anyone!"

- Sharon (Coventry)

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"I had Darren who was immense and I passed first time."

- Jack (London)