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How much is an intensive driving lessons course

How much an intensive driving course is will depend on a number of factors, in particular how many lessons you need. Have you any other experience eg on a bike, your age etc. We offer various courses for complete beginners or for competent drivers, we strongly believe intensive courses are a much cheaper (as well as quicker way) to learn to drive. Here’s our thoughts…

As a rough (and we mean very rough guide) if you are looking for a quick answer; it can be as little as £200 for a short course if you can already drive and around a £1000 if you are a new driver.

Hourly lessons can be around £25 – £30 per hour, so  learning to drive can be very costly. The DVSA estimates on average pupils need well over 40 hours plus private practice. Based on say 47 hourly lessons at say average £25ph this would be £1175 on top of this would be the test fees. So how can learners keep this cost down?

An intensive driving course for a beginner can be covered in our 7 day course, the price of this including hotel, B&B, test fees and FREE tuition if you do not pass is just £1140. It can be done in JUST 7 DAYS instead of months of hourly lessons. We have excellent results on our 7 day intensive driving lesson courses.

Courses can work out cheaper than hourly lessons

Traditional lessons typically involve driving for only one or two hours per week. Often picking up from home or work which means routes can be limited and driving also could be in peak traffic times.  As you can imagine, this means lots of time spent on the same route. It means wasted time on debrief, recapping, discussing lesson plan and just generally settling in to your lesson. Lessons at busy times could mean some of it wasted just sitting in traffic NOT VALUE FOR MONEY.

So in short; an intensive course of lessons over a few days can save you time and money as you might need fewer hours’ training.

On an intensive course, meanwhile, concentrates your learning into a shorter period of time. This means you can focus on learning new skills, improve and progress your driving throughout the day. Covering new routes, varying traffic and increasing your confidence quickly.

Other than cost why should I do an intensive driving lesson course?

Apart from saving money compared to hourly lessons, an intensive course will allow you to train at a very fast rate. It will keep you positive and really focused. Everything you learn will be fresh in your mind ready for test at the end of the course. With weekly driving lessons, it’s sometimes easy to forget things and become anxious awaiting the test. An intensive course can save you time as you might need fewer hours’ training.

Longer and more varied routes will prepare you more for driving in the real world. 

No long wait for test it is booked for the end of your course.

If you fail on an intensive course, you may be able to come back for free driving lessons (available on most of our courses)

So an intensive driving course is worth it – but how many hours will I need?

This question is so difficult to answer because it really depends on a number of factors, including age, previous experience and confidence. All pupils learn at different rates and young confident drivers tend to learn quicker. Based on years of experience we can usually give a suggestion of a suitable course after having a quick chat with you.

Our courses can be tailor made and adapted to suit your needs, for example if you have had a few lessons already you might not require a full beginner course of 7 days. We can arrange a course over 5 or 6 days instead or tailor a course for you. As a very rough guideline for a beginner we would suggest you have at least 35 hours behind the wheel. Realistically for most pupils this will be needed in order to be near test standard. If you have had say 20 hours already we would suggest at least a 4 day one to one course. Or a 5 day course.It is always best book as many lessons as you can afford.

Overwhelmed or unsure? Give us a call to discuss how many driving lessons you might need. Remember we can help to arrange a course suitable for you.

Go to for information and prices on all our courses; https://www.learndrive.co.uk/our-courses/

For more information on beginners courses

For the full 7 day course we can arrange between 37-42 hours for more information on this course. https://www.learndrive.co.uk/7-day-course/

Had a few lessons already? You may wish to consider our 5 day course. https://www.learndrive.co.uk/5-day-course/

Not sure which driving course to book or if you have any questions just give us a call on 01253 391941.

Sincerely, we want our customers to be ready for their test at the end of their course.That is why we suggest you try to book  as many hours as you can afford. The more lessons you have the better chance of passing at the end of your course. And being a confident driver when you pass.