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Choosing the right driving instructor for you.

It’s important that you get on well with whoever is teaching you to drive and that’s why we only work with the very best. Our driving instructors are friendly, patient and experienced and are passionate about teaching.

The best way to find a good instructor is to read reviews or ask for recommendations.‎

All of our instructors are Approved driving instructors on the DVSA register. We do not use any trainees, we have excellent feedback and reviews about all our instructors, as you can see from our Facebook, web site and independent review sites.

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What is your pass rate?

We get asked this question all the time, maybe you’ve already asked another driving school and want to compare, but be warned the higher someone claims their pass rate is the more likely they could be exaggerating or manipulating it. And why not, it’s not like they can actually prove it! For example if someone claims a 90% pass rate or more pass it is probably because they include people that went on to pass with them, saying that people who went elsewhere or quit don’t count when of course they do! Even with a 90% pass rate it doesn’t mean you will pass; in order to pass you need to book a suitable course and have enough lessons to get you ready and confident for test. If both you and the instructor feels you are ready and at a safe standard to take a test then you will take this at the end of the course, even the best driver can make a mistake on the day!

We care about our customers, we want you to pass your test, we want you to give us a great review and recommend us, after all that’s why we have been going for around 25 years!

We also offer free tuition if the pupil does not pass practical test(on most courses) so it is in our best interest to try to help them pass their driving test first time.