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How quick can I get a driving test?

As quick as next week!

Yes you can often get a driving test as quickly as next week. If you desperately need a quick test and are prepared to come to Blackpool we can try and arrange this for you. You will have to book some tuition in with us as we need to ensure you are ready for test but we have a range of different courses to choose from and we can tailor something to meet you requirements. Take a look at our courses and prices here https://www.learndrive.co.uk/our-courses/

If you want to find a test in your area then the waiting times can vary dramatically. You can check for a test in your own area by going onto the DirectGov website  http://www.gov.uk you will need your driving licence. If you cannot find a test quickly locally then we consider taking an intensive course with us and we will arrange your driving test at the end of your course with us.

What do I need to book my test quickly?

To book you’ll need your provisional driving licence number (this is printed on the front of your licence); you must have passed your theory test first before you can book your practical test; and a valid debit or credit card to pay.

Not passed theory test yet?

Give us a call and we can give you some information about taking your theory test and if necessary we can arrange for a theory test whilst you are on an intensive course with us, we can even arrange for a full day of theory test training if required. Once the theory has been passed we can often get a quick practical driving test booked for you for the end of your course.

How much does the practical test cost?

Your practical test costs £62 if you take it Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm; this jumps to a slightly more alarming £75 for evening and Saturday tests (very rarely available). If you are booking a course with us we will arrange the test for the end of your course. Remember we can book you a test fast! So if you want a test within a week or two give us a call on 01253 391941.