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This blog is to keep you up dated with the latest news about the driving test.

So the latest news is that you can now book a test. Well you can try. As you can read in our other blog there has been a lot of difficulty in getting a test booked. Fortunately we have a business test booking service which means that we can book tests more easily. Therefore if you do want to book a driving course and test with us WE will book and arrange the test for the end of your course.

We have been extremely busy lately, booking tests and arranging courses and we apologize if we have not had time to keep new potential customers up to date with the latest news. We have done an odd blog here and then when we have found the time. But the great news is that we can book an arrange a driving course and test for you.

We suggest you read our blog page or contact us if you need more information on our courses or about the new tests.

Limited test dates available, so please do not leave it too long to book.

Give us a call with your licence number today.