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Well you are not alone if you have had problems booking a driving test – DVSA driving test website crashed as thousands tried to book a driving test.

Have you had problems booking a driving test?

Learners were being offered a limited number of test slots but with more than 150,000 in the queue it meant that thousands of learner drivers have been left unable to book their practical driving test. The DVSA’s driving test booking platform later crashed as a result of extremely high levels of demand.

Don’t fancy spending hours online in a queue to try to book a driving test?

We can take your details and book test for you- Call/ text on 07709821002 or email us- click here The test centres are planning to open on Mondays to allow for new test bookings.
Perhaps the DVSA might get the system sorted out quickly, but looking at the amount of learners trying to get a test it will be hard work. I suspect more problems to come. If you want to book the driving test yourself you can try this link 

What is availability like?

Unfortunately availability at the moment is limited, it can be 2-8 weeks depending on tests available and course requirements.
Need more info? Want updates? We are trying to keep you updated in our blogs about how the test will work etc. If you have any questions or wish to arrange something quick we suggest you give us a call.

Get in touch with us today – to discuss your requirements.

We are presuming you have passed theory test. If you have not passed theory test or your theory test has expired then you will have problems booking a practical DVSA driving test.

Already passed your theory test and wish to take a driving course with test then please contact us. Not yet passed theory test; we strongly suggest that you try to get this passed as soon as possible. You cannot book a practical test until the theory test has been passed.