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Pupil Travis passed his test today (after lock down)

He shares his experience straight after he passed his test today. Here he tells us of what he thought of his course and test after waiting months for the DVSA to reschedule his test after lock down. We wish him all the best on his new road to freedom.

Travis says;
“My experience with learndrive has been Phenomenal, very professional caring team at the Blackpool branch who have been very accommodating during the waiting period due to COVID-19. Once it was available to start testing again I was swiftly contacted and they was more than happy to work around my work schedule to fit me in.

My instructor Darren was a credit to the company, very professional and had amazing insight of teaching methods that helped me on a personal level to gain understanding. When I made a mistake I wasn’t made to feel bad, he was very professional and explained to me in a proactive way what to do next time and kept me at ease.

In my personal opinion for someone who he never been behind the wheel of a car the 7 day course was perfect and I would highly recommend to any brand new driver to take the opportunity and chose this course. It provided sufficient time to get to grips with everything and gets the information in your head quickly ready for your test after the week.
Due to the drive being hours and knowledge passed to me by Darren I felt very confident going into my test and the praise and confidence boost I was given by Darren out my mind right at ease meaning I passed first time.

I am delighted with the outcome and can’t thank the Blackpool learndrive team enough”

Thank you To all the team again
Kind regards

It was really glad to hear that after the wait he managed to pass first time after lock down.

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Are you ready to pass after lock down?