You’ll usually be ready to take your driving test when:

1. You do not need prompts from your driving instructor.
You need to be dealing with every part of driving consistently, confidently and independently – without any prompting from your driving instructor. You’ll be getting ready for your test when you’re able to adapt to situations and see why perfecting your skills makes you safer and more fuel-efficient.
2. You do not make serious or dangerous mistakes when you’re driving.
You need to be a good and safe driver to pass the driving test. If you’re making serious or dangerous mistakes during your driving lessons and brushing them off as ‘silly mistakes’, you’re not ready to pass your driving test and drive on your own.
3. You can do well on mock driving tests.
Taking mock driving tests with your driving instructor will help you understand if you’ve reached the standard that’s needed to pass and give you an idea of your driving ability without assistance.
4. You have practised ways of managing your nerves.
It’s really important to be able to manage your nerves to be a safe driver. Feeling nervous on test is only natural and the examiner should do their best to put you at ease, you do need to be able to keep your nerves under control.
5. Your driving instructor agrees you’re ready.