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Blackpool –  Yes, we think this is the best place to learn to drive and pass your driving Test

Why? Well it is an ideal place to learn to drive as it has enough variation to cover all road types and conditions. Along with quiet residential areas which are ideal for new learners just starting out, it has an excellent combination of both rural and town driving. Along with being on the doorstep of the M55 motorway means that you have the chance to fit in some motorway tuition too. All in all a good place to learn to drive.

So Blackpool is a great place to learn and has a lot to offer but the very best reason to come and learn to drive in Blackpool is that we have fantastic, friendly, patient instructors here. At Learndrive.co.uk. (Don’t just take our word for it check out our fabulous reviews) we have wonderful instructors, who are very highly recommended and continually have excellent feedback. Read more about us here https://www.learndrive.co.uk/about-learn-drive/

Also the waiting time for a driving test in Blackpool and nearby test centres is usually shorter than in most areas, making it an ideal place to learn to drive and take your test. We at Learndrive can usually book a test within 1-2 weeks which is great if you are wanting or needing to pass fast. Or if you have dates in mind we can work around your requirements.

We believe it is important to be able to handle all types of road and traffic conditions, have a read of our our blog about pass rates too – https://www.learndrive.co.uk/2019/09/06/highest-test-centre-pass-rate-is-86/

The pass rate at test centres around Blackpool are above average and we will do our best to try to get you passed first time. Our instructors are passionate about teaching but at the end of the day you need to put the effort in too – most of our courses offer free tuition if you do not pass, the more lessons you book the more likely you will be ready for test.

So come to Blackpool and learn to drive! Our prices include accommodation too.