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FAQs lntensive driving lessons course.

Here we attempt to answer all your FAQs about intensive driving courses, driving lessons and driving tests.

We have a FAQ page on our website, but here’s more! Hopefully all your driving questions answered but if not you can always ask.

FAQs. What is an intensive driving lessons course?  An intensive driving course, often referred to as a crash course is a course that provides many hours of driving tuition in a short space of time, with the aim of getting learners to pass their practical driving test faster. On our courses you are usually out driving all day (around 5-7 hours a day) over a number of days and test is booked for the end of the course.


How much is an intensive course? is it cheaper than hourly lessons? Intensive driving courses are a much quicker, cheaper and easier way to learn to drive compared to hourly lessons. Hourly lessons are usually around £25+ per hour, no free lessons if you do not pass. Time (hence money) wasted on recapping, debriefing, getting in to each lesson. Possibility of an instructor stringing your lessons out unnecessarily, too much time wasted on general chit chat etc. On an intensive course we would expect you to need less hours and be focused on learning quickly but safely, no time wasted.

For more in depth read this blog. https://www.learndrive.co.uk/2019/04/28/how-much-is-an-intensive-driving-lessons-course/


Is an intensive course better than hourly lessons?

Yes especially if you want to learn to drive quickly, or need a quick test.

An intensive driving course, is around six to nine months worth of hourly lessons condensed into one week so you can focus and work to a test in a matter of days. When it comes to hourly lessons some pupils have started off with the intention of doing their test in six months, only to find that is not the case. As stated before if you take into account as instructors spend the first 10-15 minutes of the hourly lesson, recapping what you did the previous week and time debriefing at end – this is a lot of wasted time!  On an intensive course you can really focus on your driving.

How many hours is an intensive driving course? This depends on which course you book. We offer a range of different courses for pupils, from around 8-10 hours on a short course if you just need a quick brush up all the way through to complete beginner courses of 37-42 hours.

Are intensive driving courses for everyone? For most pupils an intensive course is a great way to learn to drive, but they are not for everyone. They are intensive and you have to put the effort in. The courses can be challenging as your instructor does their best to try to ensure you are driving safe for test as well as for the rest of your life.  We teach all different types of pupils of all ages and backgrounds, we help nervous pupils, beginners, illegal drivers even! However we do not recommend the courses if you do not want to learn quickly or if your understanding of English is poor. If you unsure if a course is suitable for you just give us a call to discuss.

Do people recommend an intensive driving course?

They certainly do! See our genuine reviews on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/drivingcourse/reviews/


Do you have to pass your theory before taking a crash course? No. you can take it whilst on your course if required and we can also arrange theory test training if needed. Having said this we would recommend that you have passed your theory first because if you failed it whilst on your course then you would not be able to take your practical test at the end of the course. We would either refund the practical test fee or you could return at a later date. Please note that the theory test must be passed before a practical test can be booked and this applies whoever you book with.

Not passed theory test yet? Give us a call and we can give you some information about taking your theory test.